Water Animals

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Take a dip with these creatures of river and sea. Graced with the most fanciful names of the Seven Seas, an inspiration for a spaceship’s telescope, and a favorite of the Poet Laureate – Lobster is much more than just a cantankerous crustacean. 

If you had to guess the world’s wisest animal, would you know it is Salmon? Enjoy award-winning screenwriter and therapist Dr. Jacqueline Feather’s delightful tribute to Salmon. 

If you love the color purple, then you and centuries of royalty, from Helen of Troy to Queen Elizabeth, have the Murex to thank. Seals enchant us on this earth and beyond, while the Dolphins of the Gulfport Mississippi Oceanarium uphold their mythic legacy to remind us all of the importance of sticking together. Water Animals: sleek, finned, clawed, or clothed in shell; they inspire us on land and by sea.

Enjoy our newest show on  Shark – broadcast during Shark Week- Shark will stupefy you with shivers and spellbinding stories.