Starting July 28 (just in time for Shark Week!), Voice of the Animal is live each month on the Animal Radio Network with brand new shows!  Just wait until you hear our fascinating new stories about Shark, Fox, Dragon, Giraffe and Vulture.

Our brand new Voice of the Animal shows will once again air on the Animal Radio Network via XM Satellite Radio, I-Heart Radio, and over 140 independent radio stations nationwide and in Canada. Animal Radio Network is the most-listened to animal programming in the United States. 

For a listing of times and stations, please visit

In the meantime, you can listen to a new show every month, and visit our great archive of previous Voice of the Animal shows by clicking here >

Rae Ann’s shows are recorded through the Bakersfield College Commercial Music Program, and her beautiful theme music was composed by Dr. Josh Ottum.

If you are a network or station interested in carrying Voice of the Animal, or in having your local station broadcast the program, please e-mail Rae Ann Kumelos at the following address:


published by Rio Nuevo Publishing

Animal Stories of the Southwest
by Rae Ann Kumelos
with artwork by Jan Taylor

Native American animal stories embody a living tradition based on a mutually beneficial relationship with the natural world—one that continues to resonate to this day, and one that many of us long to experience. From Coyote telling us what not to do by doing it, to Hummingbird’s healing hum, to Turkey saving Thanksgiving for everyone but himself, Wild Wisdom captures the connection we all have, regardless of who we are or where we live, to Native animal wisdom of the Southwest.

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Animal Guides in Myth, Literature, and Life

"Feathered Grace" explores the idea, found not only in fairy tales, but in myths and literary traditions around the world, that winged animals play an essential role in inspiring and guiding human beings to excel and embrace their own better natures, in addition to warning what will happen if they indulge in their lesser natures as well.

"Feathered Grace" studies stories from Greek, Roman, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Celtic, and Native American traditions, showing how winged animals help in achieving wholeness and harmonic balance of the individual and community. The book concludes with consideration of the birds that share our lives today in homes, backyards, and the wilderness, exploring their essential role in understanding the mutual reciprocity of our collective existence.

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