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Think our feathered friends are just tweets, cheeps, and peeps? Nevermore! The Raven knows that he is much more than a harbinger of death and doom; Raven has stories that shine. With up to 400 songs in his repertoire, listenin’ to a Mockingbird is the avian equivalent of an I-pod; just ask Harper Lee. Mark your calendar with days of joy and good vibrations – Hummingbird shows us how.

Looking for advice? Then watch for Hawks on the right – the ultimate Psychic Hotline.  On the wings of grace and snow-white wings, Dove brings us hope, while Birdsong is the soundtrack of the season (and better than anything on your I-pod). Forget any carry-on baggage in Migration, birds rack up the frequent flier miles with nothing but their own two wings.

Woodpecker is a loyal friend to humankind, and never misses a beat, while Feathers bring winged hope and grace, and make great pens too! Pigeon is no pest – but an award-winning bird of courage and valor – Julius Caesar and thousands of soldiers in WWII certainly think so.

Yes, you too can find the Bluebird of happiness in her gentle feathered form. In Turkey, you will meet the Fellowship of Nine, role models of courage, kindness and friendship. And, the original alarm is a Cock-a-Doodle Clock – Rooster; he welcomes light to the world every morning. Birds – light, joy and song; that’s something to tweet about!