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Looking for something to celebrate? In Animal Presence, Animals gift us with that most marvelous of presents every day – themselves! Valentines exist in the animal world too – meet the animals who hold the benchmark for romance and mate for life.

In Animal Moms we discover the kinship that transcends species – moms. From Mother Goose to Master Yogi’s, Geese enjoy a rich heritage of welcoming the seasons.  And in Thank a Turkey (our very first show!), discover why if more people knew the story of Turkey and the role he played in insuring the survival of agriculture, they might think differently about their Thanksgiving menu.

Did you know that in the off-season, Rudolph, the most famous Reindeer of all, hangs out with shamans, flying goats, and the god of thunder and lightning?  Donkeys are truly divine – a baby in a manger and a holy man riding into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday will certainly tell you so. Animals and Holidays: their presence is a present for all occasions.