Fun Facts & Fancies

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Animals in science and math (there’s the facts) and a trip to Las Vegas (there’s the fun).

What does the ration 1 to 1.618 have to do with animals, buildings, the stock market, Brad Pitt, and you? Find out in The Divine Proportion. Mates for Life? Just ask happy couples Wolf, Coyote (in fact, all canines), Geese and Swan.  

It’s found in every religion and spiritual belief – The Golden Rule.  Does it apply to animals too? Of course, and we’ll count that as fact, not fancy. From totem symbols of protection  and good luck to Friday nights at the local football stadium, it’s the animal Mascot that carries the winning tradition.

In Rock Art, discover how stories pecked and painted on stone tell of the animals who lived in the far distant past. And in Viva Las Animales-  lucky animals can be found in every casino onthe Las Vegas Strip. You can bet they will bring you good fortune! It’s a fact– animals are fun. Fancy that!