Course & Lecture Series by Rae Ann Kumelos, Ph.D.

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The courses explore the role of the animal as helper and guide in mythology, literature, folklore, science, psychology, and popular culture. We study the enduring influence and importance of the animal / human relationship, both to ancient peoples and cultures and to twenty-first century life. The role of the animal in the mythology and literary traditions of various cultures including Greco-Roman, Celtic, Native American, Hindu, Buddhist, Judeo-Christian, and Islamic traditions is studied, with focus on animals as guides in shamanic tradition, as a presence in current psychological and scientific research, as archetypal images and reflections of our own inner nature, and as they appear in our homes, backyards, and the wilderness.

“Beautiful Beasts: Animals in Myth, Literature and Life”
– Lecturer Fall-Winter 2015-2016 
Viridis Graduate Institute: Eco-psychology and Environmental Humanities. Ojai, CA.

“Animal Wisdom” – Lecture Fall 2015
Norman Levan Center for the Humanities Summer Scholar. Bakersfield College.

“Animal Advice: Are You Listening” – Conference July 2015
International Society for Environmental Ethics: Making Sense of the Human- Animal  Bond and Relationship Conference. Mansfield College, Oxford, United Kingdom.

“Animal Advice” - Winter 2012
Friends of Jung, San Diego.

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Rae Ann Kumelos holds a Ph.D. and M.A. in Mythological Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, a M.A. in Literature from New Mexico Highlands University, a B.S. in Marketing from Arizona State University, and also attended Northern Arizona University on a flute scholarship. She is a professor in the Humanities at a California community college, and also teaches graduate students at Viridis Graduate Institute.

Her book, “Feathered Grace: Animals in Myth, Literature and Life” is available at Amazon and her latest book, “Wild Wisdom: Animal Stories of the Southwest” is available at Amazon and here > 

Rae Ann’s CD’s from her XM Satellite Radio Show, Voice of the Animal, are available on the order page >