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From the sea to the night-sky to the galaxies beyond, Dogs are our trusted  loyal friends. Not only did 2200 passengers face the ultimate peril on the sea when Titanic sank, but so did all of the dogs on board. Titanic is a listener favorite (and may require a tissue).

Laika, a small stray dog from the streets of Russia,  captured and broke the hearts of people all over the world when she orbited Earth in Sputnik 2 (more tissues here). Look up!  A nighttime walk with your dogs will never be the same when you learn of their galactic canine counterparts.

Coyote, that mythic trickster, often appears to teach us a lesson, and it is not always an easy one since the joke is often on us (and in this story, me- big-time).  And yes, 2006 was the Year of the Dog, but from heartbreak to humor, dogs have been part of our lives for the last 1000 centuries!