Backyard Visitors

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Look outside! Did you know Squirrel is the most famous animal in the world? That’s why we’re nuts about him. From running the Happiest Kingdom in the world to transporting grace into the nooks and crannies of our lives, Mouse is the Big Cheese! To stir up a hornet’s nest means big trouble, but Hornets are very gentle. Plus, who knew they’re also great architects and paper mache’ artists? Holy Cave Critter!

All those stories about vampires have given Bat a scary reputation, but Bat is actually a great friend to humankind. Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes? Because from the Garden of Eden to ancient Greece, they have had a tough time keeping up their reputation. Enjoy this absolutely  true story of my experience catching rattlesnakes.  Who has a reputation to respect?

Skunk- a true story about the rescue and relocation of an amiable skunk. And finally, upset about gophers eating your favorite flowers? Another true story about some very helpful gophers might make you think differently about the gophers in your yard. Backyard Visitors – they’re part of the family!.