Animal Advocacy

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Want to help animals? Here are a few ways you can. Start by measuring the 525,600 minutes of your year in love for the animals.

The Golden Rule is found in every religion and spiritual belief in the world – does it apply to animals too? (answer: of course!). In Refuge, meet the animals of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, including the ones that visit your backyard every winter.  

On the brightest and lightest day of the year, a grocer, fashion designer, and president all make great decisions on behalf of the animals – that is a Summer Sun to celebrate!

Discover what a thorn and the Roman Coliseum have to do with a fabled New Mexico Wildlife Center. And in Animals and Disease, we learn that naming a disease after an animal often has tragic consequences. Discover how birds have a very unique and special relation to the human soul – and why Bird Flu is an abuse of breath.

In Tradition and Harp Seals, the case is proved that after 500 springs of slaughter, it’s time to end the annual hunt of baby harp seals. And, time to discard Descartes? Please. Way past time.

Helping Animals: A great way to measure your life in love.