In myths, legends, and fairy tales from all over the world, the hero or heroine is often helped in their quest by an animal companion providing assistance, support, and protection. In these stories from all cultures, only one steadfast rule has emerged that must always be followed, and this is the rule:


It does not matter what the animal helper tells the hero or heroine to do: fight, don't fight, lie, don't lie. What matters is following the animal's advice. If not, then disaster is sure to strike and the hero or heroine certain to fail.

This extraordinary finding by the famous psychologist Marie Louise von Franz, serves to elevate the importance of animals in daily life. Stories from all cultures acknowledge, celebrate and hold sacred the connection between the animal world and the human world. This kind of bond between animal and human still exists in today's world; animals continue, as they have for centuries, to guide, teach, and protect humankind.

Voice of the Animal speaks to the rich legacy and heritage of our connection to animals, a timeless tradition expressed through myth, folklore, fairy tales, and legends from cultures all over the world, as well as through popular culture in film, books, and advertising.

"Welcome to Voice of the Animal! Thank you for visiting my website. Since I was a little girl, I have loved animals and stories about animals. I'm also Greek and Scotch-Irish, so the ancient myths of the Greek and Celtic people are part of my DNA.

My mythic heritage and love for animals led to a destiny studying and writing about animals in mythology. I hold a Ph.D. in Mythological Studies, and Master's degrees in Literature and Mythology, and have written both academically and in national publications about animals in myth, literature, and popular culture.

The stories about animals from all over the world are fascinating, and touch the soul in such a magical way, that I want everyone to share in the mission of Voice of the Animal: to give voice to the timeless kinship that exists between humans and animals.

Through the radio programs, stories, children’s books, blog, daily e-quote, courses and lecture series, my hope is that you will remember, rekindle, and reawaken your own connection to the animals.

Living by a river in the Sierra foothills of California and sharing my life with beloved kitties, as well as the many animal friends that fly, slither, swim, crawl, and pad about on four paws (they are outside…), means a never-ending supply of animal stories. When you visit Voice of the Animal, you will have a chance to know them too. If you have any questions, please send me an email."

Kind Regards,
Rae Ann Kumelos, Ph.D

Rae Ann Kumelos, the creator and voice of Voice of the Animal, holds a Ph.D. in Mythological Studies, and Master's degrees in Literature and Mythological Studies. A lifelong champion of animals and animal rights, Rae Ann has spent many years studying the role of the animal in myth, literature, and popular culture. She found the stories she studied from all over the world so compelling she wanted others to share in the knowledge of the timeless bond between humankind and the animal guides, animals helpers, and animal companions that share our lives. From that desire was born Voice of the Animal. 

Sam Atkinson of Atkinson Entertainment (505-474-5756) in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and his childhood friend and virtuoso engineer, Chris Jaramillo, record, mix and provide sound effects and music for Voice of the Animal.

The beautiful artwork found on the cd covers are courtesy of brilliant artists, Jan Taylor and Nadi Spencer.

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Penelope's Bow, a non-profit educational 501 ( C) (3), is a sister organization to Voice of the Animal. Penelope's Bow is dedicated to elevating appreciation of the connection between humans and animals as expressed through the literary arts of mythology, folktale, fairy tale, oral tradition, and popular culture.


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